Restomyl Dogs Cats Gel 30ml

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Restomyl Dogs Cats Gel 30ml
Restomyl GEL ODONTOSFOMALOGICO mucoadhesive Indications: can be used to promote the normalization of the oral mucosa, inassociazione to dental care specialist (eg. detartasi deidenti and polishing, tooth extractions, reduce periodontal pockets). Puoaltresi represent a useful adjunct to the treatment of parondopatie SUBASE inflammatory and / or allergic, both of the dog (eg. Gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis) that the cat (eg. Chronic stomatitis feline), even in the presence of ulcers oro-mucosal (eg. indolent ulcer cat). How to use: lift the lip by applying light pressure with the head of the regulator, ensuring that the exit hole of the gel is toward the mouth. Premerel'erogatore one or more times depending on the size of the animal. Thanks allespiccate mucoadhesive properties, the gel is distributed in a short time on flying wings oral mucosa. Repeat the application 2 - 3 times a day. Components: aqua, glycerin, sodium PCA, Adelmidrol (DCI), PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, cellulosegum, polycarbophil, hyaluronic acid, sodium hydroxide, polyvinyl alcohol, dichlorobenzylalcohol, 2-dodecenedioic acid, phytosphingosine. Cod. 2020
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