Rusch Brilliant For P Foley Ch22

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Rusch Brilliant For P Foley Ch22
Brillant Plus AcquaFlate CATHETER TO STAY VESCCALE Features: bladder catheter with balloon, for long stay, Class IIB, in pure silicone100%, with funnel special valve for luer syringes and luer-lock, cylindrical tip oTiemann, two side holes, with pre-filled syringe of water and glycerine 10% ilgonfiaggio balloon, individually wrapped sterile containing the profile. The pre-filled syringe ensures a better seal of the balloon and prevents dislocazionidel catheter over a shorter time in the preparation of the material. The individual packaging ensures the sterility of the product during the preparation and iltrasporto to caterismo, as required by regulations vigenti93 / 42 / EEC. Cod. 850081/850084/850085
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