Sensitive P22 Cr 30ml

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Sensitive P22 Cr 30ml
Sensiven p22 CREAM Indications: used to prevent and delay the onset and aggravation of rosacea telangiectasia legalinstruments in susceptible individuals. To avoid the onset of complications and aesthetic solar pigmentation in seguitodell'esposizione during and after interventions such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, sclerosing therapy, diathermy, laser therapy, dicollagene systems, and so on. How to use: apply 1-3 times a day, depending on the season and necessitaindividuali, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Features: in capillary fragility and microcirculation disorders (rosacea etelangectasie), due to the peculiar properties of its components assicural'ottimizzazione the microcirculation, the restoration of tissue homeostasis edil strengthening of the vein wall. It absorbs quickly, leaving the skin dry and soft. Size: 30ml. Cod. M2081
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Brand SIFARMA SpA Div. Pergam
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