Sifi Azyr Food Supplement 20 Tablets

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Sifi Azyr Food Supplement 20 Tablets
Sifi Azyr Ingtegratore Food Azyr is a dietary supplement with vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and copper. Lutein with zeaxanthin and astaxanthin. With regular feeding is not always possible to obtain ideal levels of nutrients that make Azyr, and therefore, their integration is necessary, as well as in cases of increased needs, even in cases of supply suf fi cient with diet. Astaxanthin belongs to a select group of carotenoids. Although lutein and zeaxanthin belong to the family of carotenoids. Yes accumulate selectively in the central part of the retina (macula lutea Ia). Vitamin C and vitamin E act within cells by protecting them dall'insulto oxidative free radicals. Zinc is a trace element that helps protect cells from damage and it contributes to the oxidative metabolism of macronutrients. It also helps the maintenance of the physiological fi vision. Copper is an essential trace element that contributes to the maintenance of connective tissue and to protect cells from oxidative damage. The copper It must always integrate an intake of zinc. The speci fi c formulation Azyr also enables a slow and gradual release of nutrients that compose it, so as to ensure an absorption more complete and controlled during the day. For these reasons, it is suf fi cient taking one tablet per dl to meet the daily requirement. METHOD 'GUIDE We should take a full stomach of one tablet per day, with a drink of water. FORMAT 20 tablets
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