Sigvaris 701 ATM Materna Pantyhose Size M Long Black

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Sigvaris 701 ATM Materna Pantyhose Size M Long Black
Sigvaris 701 ATM Maternal tights STOCKING NURSERY - AT TOP END FIRST CLASS 701 SIGVARIS COMPRESSION 18-21 mmHg Advantages of compression therapy The graduated compression stockings are the most effective solution for preventing edema or swelling. Also they offer relief to pain and heaviness and help to prevent the formation of spider veins or varicose veins. In case of use of compression stockings, compression should be graduated, with the higher pressure at the ankle level and decreasing towards the thigh. Clinical studies have shown that graduated compression tights are useful and should be a cornerstone of therapy to relieve the symptoms of 'chronic venous insufficiency during pregnancy and the postpartum period .1) When a woman wearing compression stockings during pregnancy discovers the benefits and comfort, to keep their legs in good health it will likely continue to still wear them for several years. 1) Buchtemann AS, et al. - Br J Obstet Gynaecol. - June 1999; 106 (6): 563-9 - The effect of compression therapy for venous haemodynamics in pregnant women. SIGVARIS solutions for women in pregnancy The gradual compression is the most effective solution in the prevention of edema or swelling, and promotes better blood circulation. Wearing compression stockings during pregnancy prevents blood from accumulating in the veins and reduces the increase in heart rate in the mother and child. In addition, compression stockings can reduce the risk of varicose veins, phlebitis and thrombosis. Compression therapy also relieves many symptoms such as swollen ankles and feet, or tired, achy legs. table measures measure circumference ankle above malleolus circumference length groin to heel small short 19-23 61-70 small short plus 19-23 61-70 small long 19-23 70-78 long small plus 19-23 70-78 mid-calf 23-26 61-70 mid-plus 23-26 61-70 medium and long 23-26 70-78 medium-long plus 23-26 70-78 large short 26-29 61-70 Short plus large 26-29 61-70 large long 26-29 70-78 large long-plus 26-29 70-78
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