Solgar Earth Source Th 60 Tablets

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Solgar Earth Source Th 60 Tablets
Earth Source TABLETS Features Unique formulation containing phytonutrients, chlorophyll, vegetables, fruit eantiossidanti. Dosage and method of use Swallow 3 tablets a day, water, divided preferably with meals. Components Vitamin A; vitamin E; vitamin D; vitamin C; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; vitamin B6, vitamin B12; Vitamin B3; choline bitartrata; inositol; Vitamin B5; biotin; acidofolico; calcium; magnesium; potassium; Zinc picolinate; bisglycinato iron; manganese, molybdenum; chromium picolinate; boron; silicon; iodine; copper; the selenium-selenium methionine, bioflavonoids from citrus fruits; quercetin; rutin; hesperidin; Bromelain; betaine hcl; papain, amylase; lipase; cellulase; carboxylase; pyridoxal-5-phosphate; riboflavin-5-phosphate; lactobacillus acidophilus; b. bifidum; lactobacillus bulgaricus; oat fiber; pectinadi apple; rna; dna; carotenoids; chlorophyll; gla; l-glutathione; spirulina; cereals; barley, flaxseed oil; Chlorella; bee pollen; Siberian ginseng; diborragine seed oil; oil sunflower seeds; garlic; echinacea; Milk Thistle; knucklebones; ginsengsiberiano; ginkgo biloba; Chili pepper; alfacarotene; cryptoxanthin; zeaxanthin; lutein. Format 60 tablets. Cod. 1028
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