Somatoline Cosmetic Lift Effect Serum Intensive Repair 30ml 4D

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Somatoline Cosmetic Lift Effect Serum Intensive Repair 30ml 4D
Somatoline Cosmetic Lift Effect Intensive Repair Serum 4D And 'the innovative treatment of Somatoline Cosmetic acting on 4 dimensions wrinkle for a lifting shock; Moreover, it stimulates the skin microcirculation, promoting the synthesis of support structures, such as collagen and elastin. Its exclusive formula contains the microcirculation -Complex + (TM), a complex of active ingredients that fills and smooths wrinkles, making the skin firmer and smoother. It also stimulates cell regeneration of epidermis, dermis, dermal-epidermal junction restoring proper barrier function. How does The Microcirculation + - complex (TM), a pool of active ingredients with anti-aging intensive, fills and smooths wrinkles for a more toned and smoother. Double Lift System, made up of hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight polysaccharide matrix with known moisturizing and lifting, form a three-dimensional lattice which fills and smooths wrinkles, makes skin firmer and smoother. Kemiderm NMF (Natural Mousturizing Factor of plant origin), rich in constituents of the film's moisture gives skin hydration by limiting water loss from the skin surface. Restores the barrier function of the skin, moisturizes and protects from dryness. Molecule derived from menthol, stimulates microcirculation optimize oxygenation and nutrition of tissues. Complex reactivators phones gradual release anti-wrinkle action, acts on three layers of the skin by stimulating cell regeneration of epidermis, dermis and dermal-epidermal junction. Processed with pharmaceutical technique makes the active ingredients more bioavailable at the level of the epidermis (action carrier) ee favors a gradual release at the skin level (slow-release action). Results 4 size reduces wrinkles, smoothes and restructures the skin in 4 weeks. Format 30ml bottle.
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