Herbalist Magentina Hypericum Oil Obtained Cold 100ml

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Herbalist Magentina Hypericum Oil Obtained Cold 100ml
Magentine Herbalist hypericum Oil Got Cold In order to make this oil the flowering tops of Hypericum were used in their balsamic time which coincides with the summer solstice, the feast of St. John from which this plant takes its name. The flowers of hypericum from the yellow color, once collected are macerated in oil in the sun for the lunar cycle. An intense red oil is obtained with very energetic properties for massages. It is excellent for reddened skin and very well-suited for sunburn. The Hypericum Oil is branded Vegan Ok because it contains only raw materials of plant origin. Indications: emollient, restructuring, suitable for scaly, irritated, reactive skin, with psoriasis, ichthyosis or with outcomes of burns or scars. Warnings: do not dispose of the container in the environment after use. Store away from light, at a temperature not above room temperature. Components: zea mais oil; hypericum perforatum extract; bht. Format: 100ml Code 117
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