Stenorex Integrat 10bust

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Stenorex Integrat 10bust
Stenorex BAGS Indications: to help tone the body and the immune system. In debilitated patients (elderly, convalescents, children) physical weakness eaccompagnata from reduced immunity. It helps the recovery dell'organismograzie contribution of essential amino acids. It contains l-arginine and l-lysine at the highest doses to help the defense before edurante respiratory infections. How to use: - To support the immune system: 1 sachet per day for 30 days, in the evening; - Nell'astenia post-influenza or seasonal: 1 sachet per day for 10 days, in the evening. Features: - Maintains the functionality of the thymus; - Promotes the synthesis of T lymphocytes; - Helps the immune system in children and the elderly. Nell'astenia post-influenza and seasonal, or in response to stress fisiciprolungati, speeds up recovery action proenergetica and favoriscel'efficienza physical and maintaining lean body mass. Cod. PSTENBST0100
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