Svr Sebiaclear Bb Light Cream Spf20 40ml

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Svr Sebiaclear Bb Light Cream Spf20 40ml
SVR Sebiaclear BB Light Cream SBF20 BB creme is a correcting and uniforming treatment with anti-imperfections. Helps to eliminate blackheads and blackheads, mitigates imperfections leaving the complexion uniform and neutralizing the shiny effect. It exists in two shades: light and medium, to adapt to all types of complexion. SEBIACLEAR is the revolutionary line ** that helps eliminate imperfections, blackheads and excess sebum.The high efficiency of the line and the high tolerability, make the application of the products a real pleasure. Acts on imperfections in 7 days *. Since acne affects different types of skin, SVR has created the innovative line that, thanks to its unique composition of active ingredients, is effective on all types of skin. The heart of the new SEBIACLEAR formulas is a combination of anti-imperfection active ingredients: the gluconolactone for anti-inflammatory action and keratolytic power. Effective as the AHAs but better tolerated ***. Niacinamide ****: limits bacterial proliferation and eliminates the imperfections related to inflammation, from sebum-regulating action. Dosed in optimal concentrations, these active ingredients act on all types of acne in complete compliance with the skin. The SEBIACLEAR line is: WITHOUT ALLERGENS 100% SENSITIVE SKIN FREE / NON-COMEDOGOUS OIL * by SVR. ** SEBIACLEAR Active clinical tests, 42 volunteers *** Edison BL, Green BA, Wildnauer RH, Sigler ML. A polyhydroxy acid skin care regimen provides antiaging effects comparable to an alpha-hydroxyacid regimen. Cutis; 73 (suppl 2): 14-17. 2004 **** In SEBIACLEAR Active, BB Creme and Creme SPF50. ***** Corneometric measurements. Formula: Skin with imperfections. Tested on the skin from mixed to greasy and sensitive. HIGH-CONCENTRATION DERMATOLOGICAL ACTIVE PRINCIPLES o Gluconolactone (4%) + Salicylic acid: purify and smooth skin texture. o Niacinamide (4%): limits bacterial proliferation. o SR SR (2%): opacifies the complexion and limits the production of sebum. o UVA / UVB FILTERS: protect and prevent signs and stains linked to UV rays. Results: EFFECTIVENESS ON SKIN sensitive from mixed to fat Without parabens - Hypoallergenic - Non-comedogenic Use: Apply in the morning alone or after daily treatment. Size: 40ml
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