Syst 2s 10sac Ileo Op70mm 8527

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Syst 2s 10sac Ileo Op70mm 8527
System 2S OPEN FORWARD BAG Indications: Stomach bag. Features: The hooking flange allows a hermetic closure between the bag and the plate, perceivable with "click" sound. Plates with moldable technology, particularly suitable for effluent liquids, embrace the contour of the stomach in a personalized manner and do not require the use of scissors. Open-end bags can be emptied as needed. Standard 30.5 cm bag without filter, clamping system with clamp, matt color and flange of different sizes: - 32 mm; - 38 mm; - 45 mm; - 57 mm; - 70 mm. Cod. 8523/8524/8525/8526/8527
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