Taranis Bisc Froll 4x5pcs 120g

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Taranis Bisc Froll 4x5pcs 120g
TARANIS Biscuits Shortbread without proteins. Suitable for diets that require a low intake diproteine and checking which amino acids. Gluten-free food. Ingredients Corn starch; non-hydrogenated palm oil; water; sugar; glucose syrup, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin); vanilla aroma; dye: caramel (sugar eWater); baking powder (ammonium carbonate). Possible traces of egg. Nutritional characteristics for 100 g Energy value 474 kcal - 1992 kJ Protein ofwhich phenylalanine methionine leucine threonine isoleucine lysine valine cystine tyrosine arginine 0.5 g 9.1 mg 4.9 mg 20.4 mg 7.8 mg 7.5 mg 8.1 mg 10,7mg <4.00 mg 6.1 mg 8.5 mg Carbohydrates of which sugars 78.9 g 18.7 g Grassi of which saturated 17.3 g 9,0g Fiber 0.3 g Sodium 16.2 mg Potassium 8mg Warnings It contains a source of phenylalanine. Format 120 g (4 wraps from 5 biscuits). Cod. TA42
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Brand DMF Dietetic Metabolic Food
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