Tau-Marin Professional 27 Hard Toothbrush

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Tau-Marin Professional 27 Hard Toothbrush
Tau-Marin Professional 27 Middle All the quality of Scalare 33, with a smaller head to comfortably reach the harder areas of the oral cavity, ensuring a brilliant effective yet delicate bristle. Available with hard, medium or soft bristle head. ELLITTIC TEST INCLINED SCREEN OF 15 ? For even greater cleaning even in the most difficult to reach. TYNEX ARROWINGS IN DIFFERENTIATED ELASTICITY Resistant in time and perfect to avoid tooth and gum trauma. Hard bits, to remove the plaque, and semi-rigid, to massage the gums. ERGONOMIC MANICURE Designed in shape and length for a proper handle during brushed. Specific to even the most difficult surfaces, ensuring deep cleansing of the oral cavity.
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