Timodore Action Spray Deodorant Feet

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Timodore Action Spray Deodorant Feet
Timodore Action Deodorant Spray Feet Intensive action is designed for a dynamic and active person who likes to keep himself informed and takes care of himself and the well-being of his body . It is a unisex product, designed for "the athlete in each of us", particularly effective for the care and treatment of the body in action. It is a practical and effective spray, designed to prevent the formation of a bad smell. keep your feet dry and secure freshness and relief. It is recommended even in cases of strong perspiration of the foot. It is a charge of freshness and relief for the foot in action and is more than a simple deodorant, in fact it has a complete and combined deodorant action that extends its duration. Features: the special formula contains Lemon and Thyme known for its dermopurifying, antiseptic and bacteriostatic properties. Menthol for a high refreshing and balsamic power. It is a dermatologically tested product.
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