Tisano Adipat Complex Food Supplement 30 Tablets

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Tisano Adipat Complex Food Supplement 30 Tablets
Tisano Complex Adipat tablets Adipat Tisano Complex is a dietary supplement formulated to restore the silhouette, glycemic control and the sense of hunger; contains Tyrosine, Potato, Rhodiola, Griffonia, Indian Berbers, Klamath Algae, Garcinia, American Potato, Vitamin B6, Chromium picolinate. PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS: Adipat, thanks to the presence of Garcinia can be useful for the metabolism of lipids and the balance of the body volume. The sweet potato is used instead to maintain the metabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol, the modulation / absorption of nutrient limitation. Griffonia, ontrol of the sense of hunger. COMPOSITION: TYROSINE, POTATO, RHODIOLA, GRIFFONIA, BERBERS INDIAN, ALGA KLAMATH, GARCINIA, AMERICAN POTATO, VITAMIN B6, CHROME PICOLINATE.
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