Tisanoreica 250ml Purifying Antarctic

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Tisanoreica 250ml Purifying Antarctic
Purifying Antarctic Indications: against damage the environment and nutrition incorrect 20 herbs in synergy. Frai components is present alginic acid (algae Durvillea Antarctica nellamisura 48 percent): absorbs poisons such as lead, cadmium, mercury contenutinei free radicals that damage the molecules of cell membranes. The azionedepurativa of alginic acid is expressed in the absorption of these poisons and nellaloro elimination. How to use: for proper food you should take one or two scoops / vials didiluiti mezzobicchiere in water after an overnight fast and after meals. 1 scoop = 10 ml; Maximum recommended daily dose of 60 ml. Components: Durvillea antarctica, black radish, mint, licorice, artichoke, horsetail, burdock, dandelion, rhubarb, gentian, balm, china, juniper, Bermuda grass, elder, fucus, anise, parsley, bearberry, horehound. Cod. 02
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