Tricorigen Loz 150ml

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Tricorigen Loz 150ml
Tricorigen Lotion on hair fall which, thanks to its new complex componentiselezionati of plant origin, biotechnology and synthetic - Trichogen veg ls 8960 -riporta hair fall to a normal rhythm. Tricorigen through a regular topical application helps to rigenerarelocalmente the physiological functions of the hair bulb reactivate them. Panax Ginseng and Articum majus Respectively stimulating effect on the microcirculation and antiseptic. Solfopeptidi soy a source of bioavailable sulfur compounds for protein synthesis. Amino Acids Tyrosine, arginine, ornithine, citrulline precursors of proteins and of pigmentomelanina. Glucosamine Aminosaccaride precursor of GAGs helps strengthen the roots of the hair. B vitamins (PP, B5, biotin) ezinco Take part in the cellular metabolic processes and lipogenesis. Azelaic acid Used topically is an antiandrogen by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alfareduttasi responsible weakening of the hair follicle; It is also unbuon vasodilator. Glycolic acid It acts as a keratolytic gently away the surface layers and the underlying layers favorendoil cell turnover. It potentiates the effect dell'acidosalicilico facilitating the absorption of active ingredients. Salicylic acid He also keratolytic; selectively acts on cells of the stratum corneum keratin presentenelle shallowest rinnovamentodella allowing the skin surface. Methyl nicotinate It acts as iperemizzante accelerating metabolic reactions and migliorandol'assorbimento of active ingredients. Aloe vera an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and altamenteriepitelizzante. In the opinion of the specialist. Drain few drops pervolta on the scalp, especially where the hair is more radi.Massaggiare with fingertips for 3-4 minutes, the massage should be conmovimenti light, trying to move the skin rather than your fingers, apply sucuoio dry hair , requires no rinsing. Warnings Keep away from children. Eevitare contact with eyes, if it happens, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not swallow. The application of Tricorigen can give rise to a localized redness dellacute, the phenomenon is a normal reaction which disappears within a few minutes. Components Panax ginseng and articum majus; solfopeptidi soy; tyrosine; arginine; ornithine, citrulline; glucosamine; B vitamins (PP, B5, biotin) and zinc; acidoazelaico; glycolic acid; salicylic acid; methyl nicotinate; aloe vera. Format 150 ml bottle.
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