Vagostabil 36 tablets dietary supplement

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Vagostabil 36 tablets dietary supplement
Vagostabil 36 tablets what is it for? Indications This food supplement can be useful in all those circumstances in which there are states of stress, muscle tension, irritability and nervousness that may trigger events related to them such as anxiety, palpitations, sleep disorders etc ... so it is the perfect partner to take in all those phases of daily life in which you are subjected to a strong physical and mental stress. How should I take Vagostabil 36 tablets? In a very simple way it is enough to take one tablet three times a day, accompanying it with a glass of water at room temperature, it is preferable to take it in the evening before going to bed, it is important not to exceed the recommended daily dose. Specific features Vagostabil 36 tablets It is a natural supplement based on medicinal plant extracts such as Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) Melissa (Melissa Officinalis) and Magnesium. How do these 3 components work? Hawthorn This principle works thanks to the synergistic action of its components that contain various properties that are traditionally known, such as the sedative and relaxing activity of the musculature and the physiological stabilization of the nerve transmission. Melissa Another key element is the Melissa extract which is widely used for its tranquilizing and relaxing properties, in fact it is widely used in disorders of the initial phase of sleep. Magnesium Finally, Magnesium is a fundamental element for the maintenance of normal neuromuscular and circulatory functions, in fact the latter plays a primary role in maintaining the efficiency of the mechanisms of energy production by the cells, which is reflected in a reduction in tension muscle that is often associated with cramps. It is also known that Magnesium has a function in the regulation of heartbeat and more generally its action is important in the proper functioning of the whole cardiovascular system, so the assumption of this principle can help the body in situations of stress, muscular tension , palpitation, anxiety and depression, conditions in which there is a lack of it. Possible contraindications or side effects of Vagostabil 36 tablets This product does not contain particular contraindications but it is important not to associate the use with products deriving from the digital (digoxin), do not take during pregnancy, and finally it is not recommended to be taken in subjects suffering from hypothyroidism. Warnings Natural supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children under three years of age. How should Vagostabil 36 tablets be stored ? For proper storage it is essential to keep the product in a cool place, away from light and heat sources, it is also important to keep out of reach of children. Format The product is sold in packs of 36 tablets of 500 mg. Code 4400
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