Vea Marseille Soap Natural 100g Ph Neutral

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Vea Marseille Soap Natural 100g Ph Neutral
Vea Marseille Natural Soap pH Neutral MARSEILLE VEA is a natural soap made using only raw materials of plant origin: fatty acids extracted from palm oil and palm kernel notch and first job (not recycled). MARSEILLE contains VEA VEA oil (vitamin E acetate in a pure state) in high percentage, which provides the skin with a protective barrier modulating the cleansing action of soap and decreasing degreasing: the skin soft and hydrated. It does not contain animal fats, perfumes, synthetic detergents, essential oils, dyes, preservatives, to minimize the risk of allergy. Indications Daily cleansing of normal skin, sensitive, intolerant or predisposed to allergies, also in the anogenital region. Personal care. It can be used to wash your hair in place of traditional shampoo in cases of intolerance or multiple pluriallergie. Warnings Do not use in case of known allergy to the ingredients. Keep out of the reach of children. Format 100g bar.
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