Vea Oil Moisturizing Base 20ml

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Vea Oil Moisturizing Base 20ml
Vea Oil Moisturizing Base Vitamin E (tocopherol) acetate 100% pure (no excipients) is proposed for the first time as a base oil. Vitamin E is attributed antioxidant activity (free radical scavengers) borne by the polyunsaturated fatty acids of membrane phospholipids and activity "stabilizer" of biological membranes. It is resistant to air oxidation, light, UV rays and is therefore stable in time; It is also stable to heat. VEA OIL can play a soothing effect of itching, for its action against lipidizzante and dry skin. VEA OIL does not contain preservatives, excipients, fragrances, dyes or other, to minimize the risk of allergy. In addition, it does not contain water and thus is not subject to microbiological pollution. It is well tolerated being very rare cases of allergic described. INDICATIONS: dry skin or red, in each location. Cracking by external agents. Emollient treatment of the skin rough and scaly. Sensitive, intolerant or susceptibility to allergy. Peeling or redness genital or perianal. Edibility of VEA OIL makes its use particularly suitable and safe as protective lips and mucous membranes of the mouth. Protection of the nipple lactating. How to use Apply VEA OIL Small quantities (one drop) on problem areas and massage for a few seconds until completely absorbed, at least twice daily. Because vitamin E is related to membrane phospholipids of epidermal cells, whose turnover (replacement) occurs on average in a month, to highlight the benefit of using VEA OIL may take 20 to 30 days of continuous treatment. Directions for use The womb lactating, for protection from fissures: regular application of VEA OIL on the nipple (massage gently for a few seconds) hydrate (smooth and elastic) and protects the skin of the breast by microtrauma related to suckling infant; It recommends the application after breastfed, so the protective action until the next feeding; no need to remove before attaching the infant breastfeeding as VEA OIL is edible, odorless and tasteless; begin to moisturize and massage the nipples with VEA OIL 15 - 20 days before the birth, 2 times a day; alternatively it is more practical VEA BUA, there toccatura and is not necessary to massage. - In the cracks by overcoming the barrier function to occupational causes (external agents): VEA OIL applied before contact with chemicals or harsh cleansers and reapply several times during the work, always first contact, when you do not appreciate the most " protective film "skin; - In redness after sun exposure: VEA OIL applied in the evening has a moisturizing and emollient with soothing effect of itching (it is recommended to spray VEA SPRAY OIL VEA over and then massage: this allows to spread more evenly VEA OIL). Warnings Do not use in case of known allergy to the ingredients. Keep out of the reach of children. Format 20ml tube.
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