Vea Total Lipogel Solar Shield SPF 30 40ml

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Vea Total Lipogel Solar Shield SPF 30 40ml
Vea Shield Total Lipogel Solar SPF 30 It contains only physical screens Rich in oil VEA o Base makeup WATER RESISTANT Indications infants, children. Fair skin or who do not tan and burn easily even after repeated exposure to the sun. Skin situations that require a high sun protection. Intolerant to preservatives, perfumes, dyes and sunscreens chemical type. VEA SHIELD TOTAL guarantees a balanced UVA-UVB: SPF / PPD <= 2.6 *. Protective factors: UVB 37 - UVA 14 *. * Protective factors measured in vitro How to use Apply before sun exposure and re-use regularly, especially after swimming. Directions for use VEA SHIELD TOTAL is very effective and should be applied in excessive quantities. It endures for many hours, even after immersion in water, so much so that it is hard to take it off with soap at night during a shower. This, however, is, on the other hand, a security about the protective effect prolonged. In case it is applied too hard to take it off or you do, sprinkle over VEA VEA SPRAY OR MIX: relaxes and removes fine. Recommendations for use as make-up base Apply to face VEA CREMA PF and above it spread a thin layer of VEA SHIELD TOTAL, it results in two results: the action of the active ingredients on the skin and protect the skin from skin damage from UV rays. On this basis "functional" applying makeup. The trick will remain compact and uniform throughout the day, also in case of major changes in the environmental temperature. Warnings Do not use in case of known allergy to the ingredients. Keep out of the reach of children. Format Tube 40ml.
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