Vitreosan Ara Vit C 40cps Eff

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Vitreosan Ara Vit C 40cps Eff
Vitreosan capsules effervescent food supplement Vitreosan is a nutritional supplement based on Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamin C, is purely indicated in cases of food shortages or increased requirements of these nutrients, these tablets are flavored with orange flavor to enhance the pleasure in taking. Let's see how this product works in detail - Magnesium: mineral particularly valuable for the functioning of many enzymatic activities involved in different metabolic pathways. Considering its organization at the organic level, stored for about 60% at the skeletal level, for 27% at the muscular level and for the remaining part disseminated in the various cellular elements it is possible to predict the potential biological role of this mineral. Among the most important biological functions of magnesium it is possible to describe those of: Enzymatic cofactor in numerous reactions useful in the synthesis of chemical energy in the form of ATP; Enzymatic cofactor in lipid and nucleotide anabolism reactions, therefore involved in the direct synthesis of nucleic acids; Inorganic mineral fundamental in structuring the bone matrix and supporting the double phospholipid sheet; Intracellular molecular pathway modulators, fundamental in ensuring the correct activity of contractile or ecccito-secretrical cells. For this reason, supplementation with magnesium is also indicated in the prevention of numerous cardiovascular, muscular and neurological disorders. This supplement is indicated in the states of potassium and magnesium deficiency that can be caused by excessive sweating (even in cases of particular climatic conditions), intense physical activity, lack of dietary intake or diets very rich in fibers that lead to a lower absorption of mineral salts. It is also indicated in cases of increased need. By restoring the balance of mineral salts, Vitreosan has a tonic and restorative action; it also helps to rehydrate the body and replenish lost fluid reserves. How should you take vitreosan effervescent capsules? In mnaier amolto simple enough to take 1 -2 effervescent tablets a day to be dissolved in a glass with plenty of natural water at room temperature drunk in small sips, preferably with meals. Compontnei contained in the product Magnesium Oxide 200 mg., Potassium Carbonate 300 mg., L-Acorbic acid (Vitamin C) 90 mg., Orange flavor, Acidifier: Anhydrous citric acid, Potassium bicarbonate; Acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate; Sweetener: Sorbitol, Acesulfame K; Coating agent: Adipic acid; Coloring: Beetroot red; E900, Polysorbate 20, Silicon Dioxide. Packaging and conservation The product is sold in boxes of 2 tubes of 20 tablets of 4 g. each ready to use, store the product in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep out of reach of children
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