Vulnamin Gel Cutaneous Ulcer Treatment 50g

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Vulnamin Gel Cutaneous Ulcer Treatment 50g
Vulnamin Gel Treatment Cutaneous Ulcers Treatment of skin ulcers of various origins, with dellacicatrizzazione slowdown, even with the presence of necrotic tissue. Exuding wounds average or poor, is cleansed and colonized, whether flat ocavitarie. It exerts an effect hydrolysis of necrotic tissue to the state of cleansing, allowing the mixture of amino acids and hyaluronic acid to exert the effect diinduzione of granulation tissue. How to use Wash and cleanse the wound. - Injuries wiped dry and exudate average and poor: apply a thin veil. Secondary dressing: occlusive or semiocclusive, replace Ugni 2-4giorni. - Necrotic lesions: use an appropriate amount to favoring phenomena diautolisi. Secondary dressing: occlusive or semiocclusive, substitute leakage. Characteristics Interactive dressing based on the constituent amino acids of collagen and sodium jaluronatofinalizzata to promote the formation of granulation tissue and the rigenerazionetissutale the modulation of the inflammatory process and the activation deifibroblasti, with neoproduction of collagen. Medical device class II B. Contraindications There are no contraindications for use in wounds with inflammation or colonization, also on account of the clearing of the inflammatory composizioneimpiegata. In this indication, it recommends the use of medications secondarieantisettiche. Warnings Do not use on infection away. In lesions colonized it is effective when combined with a dressing secondariaantibatterica. Components Glycine; l-Proline; l-leucine; l-lysine; sodium hyaluronate; purified water; excipients. Format Tube 50g.
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