Wala Echinacea Quarz Comp Drops Eye Drops Dosage Single From 0.5ml

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Wala Echinacea Quarz Comp Drops Eye Drops Dosage Single From 0.5ml
Wala Echinacea Quarz Comp Drops Echinacia Quarz comp. eye drop Anthroposophic medicine for the treatment of conjunctivitis very infected. Deduce the area of application of the anthroposophic knowledge of man and nature. Including: the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis with severe infections. Contraindications: The drug should not be used in cases of ipersensbilita against one of the active ingredients or plant composites. As general considerations do not use in cases of 'AIDS, HIV infection, systemic degenerative diseases such as tuberculosis, leucosis, collagenosis multiple sclerosis, chronic viral diseases and other autoimmune diseases. Precautionary measures for use and warnings: What should pay attention during pregnancy el`allattamento? Like all medicines also Wala Echinacea Quarz Comp Drops For Eyes should be used at this stage only after medical consultation. L`impiego of medicine in cases of ocular inflammation should not take place except by prescription by an ophthalmologist and not replace l`utilizzo other prescribed drugs. Interaction with other medicinal products: none known. Dosage and method of use: If not otherwise prescribed, both for adults and for children under 12 years 2 times a day 1 drop. Duration of administration: the treatment of acute illnesses should be concluded within two weeks. If you do not take over any improvement within 2 days, go by your doctor. The duration of treatment of chronic diseases should be determined by the attending physician. Side effects: none known. Like all remedies based on echinacea were observed skin reactions, itching, swelling of the face, vertigo, and falling pressione.Nel If observed side effects for Wala Echinacea Quarz Comp Drops For Eyes not listed in this leaflet , please, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Medicines should not be used beyond the expiration date printed on the packaging outside (verwandbar bis :). The eye drops are preserved in containers for single dosing and after opening by must be used only once. The residual amount of liquid must not be used. Composition: 0.5 ml contains: Active Ingredients: Argentum metallicum Dil. D29 aquos. 0.05 g; Atropa belladonna ex herba stopped 33a Dil. D14 (HAB, Vs. 33a) 0.05 g; Echinacea pallida and planta tota stopped 33c Dil. D2 (HAB, Vs. 33c) 0.05 g; Quarz Dil. D19 aquos. 0.05 g; Rosae aetheroleum Dil. 07 (HAB, Vs. Sa, Dl with ethanol solution (94% m / m) J 0.05 g.). The components 1, 2 and 4 together have been enhanced with respect to the third-last level, the components 1 to 4 with riferimenro the last 2 Other components: sodium chloride, calcium hydrogen carbonate, water for injection. Dosage form and pack sizes: Pack of 5 single doses or pack of 30 single doses of 0.5 ml of eye drops.
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