Yatros I Food Supplement 200ml

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Yatros I Food Supplement 200ml
I Yatros Dietary supplement In prostatitis, in 'BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy), in prostate cancer, endometrial (in vitro and in vivo). Ongoing studies on hormone dependent breast tumors. The epilobi, Onagraceae (by donkey wild that uses it), growing on the Alps and the Apennines, have cytocidal effect and apoptosis, in part related to the hormonal activity (aromatase, 5alfareduttasi), cytostatic (population increase in Go, in part due all'enoteina B). The root of steroidal glycosides rich nettle competitively blocking the receptors of the EGF and hormones on the prostate cell membrane. Musk dormouse (the powder of our grandmothers, from the island of Cyprus in which grew the most prized variety) has antibiotic, antiviral activity by interfering with quorum sensing (the process of communication between the bacteria linked to chemical messages).
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